If you can fool others, we cannot be fooled! -Sheikh Zakzaky

On Saturday 25th Rajab 1435 (24/5/2014) the islamic movement in Nigeria organized a program to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Musa kazim (AS) and to also mark the Shuhada annual Remembrance day, the program which is initiated in January 1992. The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) addressed the attendees; he touches so many aspects in his speech. Below is the summary of his speech.

He began his speech with briefing on the issue of the martyrs, the leader mention that, the steadfastness on the path of Allah and the strict belief that Allah is his Lord and his creator, he will serve no one but Him, as the only offence of a martyr if he has any. He is killed without any convincing reason. In order for his killer to be free from any blame he will introduce his selfish reasons to justify killing him. And this is exactly what happens during the period of Imam Musa al-Kazeem (AS), who was jailed without any offence, and later poisoned to death. The Imam had demonstrated exemplary good conduct towards his enemies, in response to their outward hatred toward him. He was killed following the order of the “caliph” of his time Harun the so called “Rasheed” through poisoning.

The leader further described death as a tradition to us and martyrdom as our greatest aim. The price of martyrdom is Jannah (Paradise) and that makes it very expensive to get by just an ordinary person. If we consider the total number of martyrs we have from 1982 when we was blessed with the first martyr till date we have just 145 of them, and this is enough to proof the worthy of martyrdom compare to the number of the lives lost in the spate of violence witnessed across the country. In a single violent conflict lives are being lost, more than what we record in over thirty years. They come with great fury, using all their might, but at end you find only one person will attain martyrdom. We have several instances, especially in Kaduna. This clearly shows that Martyrdom is the best choice of Allah; it is not just a coincidence. And for a martyr to attain such a lofty heavenly status, he must have been endowed the certain distinct qualities among people.

All what the enemies know is to kill, for they have guns. Guns are the only weapon they always depend on. We have no guns, but we have that which is more powerful than gun. We have Allah! We need not gun, but steadfast on the path of truth and justice. All your efforts and that of your masters will come to an end; just like those that rule before you, where are the Umayyads and the Abbasids! They have all perish and you will also follow their foot steps, all your machinations will come to naught. Our martyrs will live forever, this Movement will stand the test of time, and it will achieve its objective. Our ultimate goal is martyrdom; this is what we crave for. Therefore do your worse! He added.

Mentioning the rights of the martyrs on the living ones the scholar mentioned that their rights include remembrance in our prayers, Regular visit to their graves, Catering for the needs of their families and parents, Payment of the Martyrs’ dues, as when due. And also is our duty to looking after the Living Martyrs, those injured, as is done in other countries.

While commenting on the detained members of the movement Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Hussain Sheikh Call for the immediate release of the brothers, he said Last year when he said, the government should release the brothers, they said it was a threat and waited to see if the movement will take a fight action. When they saw that we did nothing, they said it was an empty threat. They consider it as an empty threat. No, this is not an empty threat, it is the truth. Haruna Abbas and Hussain Ibrahim must be released! Yes, they must be released because their detention contravened all international laws, and even their constitutional right. They are detained without trial, without allowing anyone to visit them. There is no law that says those detained or imprisoned cannot be visited, even in the military regime it is allowed. Surprisingly, they boast of operating a democratic rule in this country.

They say that our brothers have gone overseas to receive training on terrorism overseas. If that is the case, let them commit terrorism before you arrest them, one cannot be arrested and detained this long in anticipation that he may commit a crime. They have not committed any crime yet. We therefore challenge them to present them before court. They cannot present them before any court, for they have no justification of keeping them. They are protecting U.S and Israeli interest, waiting for their orders.

The leader also spoke on the plans of the western countries on Africa where they named this era as the new era for scramble of Africa. They realized that this the era when Africa is at the peak of its glory. The US proclaimed the use of terrorism to capture Africa. It was demonstrated in Libya, and plunged the country in complete anarchy. Libya and Nigeria, they found out, have Sweet Crude which most lucrative. The sinister experiment was extended to Mali, a country that is rich in gold that was left by Mansa Mousa.

Sheikh Zakzaky briefly spoke on the abducted school girls in Nigeria saying that Jonathan’s government abducted school girls in Chibok to pave way for U.S. and Israeli presence in the country. Now the real Boko Haram is here in Nigeria at last. I heard people in red are protesting, demanding the release of the abducted girls, direct it at Jonathan. Shekau is presently in a secret military camp if he totally exist.

Let no one be fooled, there is nothing like Boko Haram! It is a covert operation to balkanize Nigeria and steals its resources in the name of search of Boko Haram insurgents. If you can fool others, we cannot be fooled!

Their intention is to disperse people from all places where there are resources. They realized there is gold in Zamfara and Zaria-Birnin Gwari; gold and platinum in Sokoto and Borno. They did it in Iraq, as they went in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which they never found but plunged the country in chaos. The same thing was experimented in Afghanistan. If you want our resources, let us negotiate on equal terms, but steer clear of our lives. We are aware that, they see the Islamic Movement as a great threat that will hinder them from their planned atrocities. There was a report that during such senseless killings, they beheaded a Brother in Goza town, and to their surprise the head was reciting the Kalimatus-Shahadah. As a result, they left the town, saying it was inhibited by Shi’aites! Whoever they kill among us is a martyr; whatever concerns the entire people concerns us also.

And he finally cautioned the puppets saying that they have the right to a counsel from us, though you don’t listen. For so much foolishness, you can kill and have your people killed. Know that, your foreign masters will eliminate you when you finished their job, as they did to other stooges like you. Don’t you see what they did to puppets like Saddam and Gaddafi?