How Shaikh Zakzaky Helped Newly-Wed Couple In Distress in Bauchi

By Khalid Idris Doya

There was confusion in Karofin Madaki area of Bauchi when a father, who converted to Christianity, deceived his daughter and refused to provide her with furniture and other essentials during her weeding fatiha and ceremony.

 If it had not been for the timely intervention of Sheikh Zakzaky, the couple would have got married in shame. It was on 18th July, 2018 when Ummi was scheduled to be married off, got a shock of her life after her father surprisingly converted to Christianity and recanted his promise to buy his daughter a piece of furniture during her weeding. The father had rather promised to buy her the materials only if she agreed to also follow him to Christianity, a condition the girl refused to accept.

This sudden change resulted in the girl being married off and sent to her house without anything. But when the matter was brought to the daughter of Zakzaky, Sayyida Suhaila Ibraheem Zakzaky, she reported the case to her father who then asked her to do what it took financially to come to their rescue. No sooner had she received the order than she collaborated with Mu’assasatul Abu Fadl Abbas (as) and bought the furniture including upholstered chairs, tasseled carpets and a lot of other essentials.

Zakzaky’s intervention came as surprise to the bride’s family who despite the wealth of her father, are too poor to afford the cost of the furniture due to economic hardship brought to Nigerians by Buhari. 

An uncle to the bride, Malam Bala Abdullahi, while receiving the furniture told our reporter that “the bride’s father was born and grew up as a Muslim but he secretly converted to Christianity and tried to persuade his daughter to follow suit. He was in fact trying everything at his disposal to prevent her from marrying a Muslim. That is why we are very grateful for Zakzaky’s intervention.” He said.

While handing over the furniture, Suhaila, who was represented by Auwal Yusuf, called on the couple to exercise their marital obligations diligently.