Highlight of 2014 Int. Quds Day Martyrs Remembrance in Kaduna

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
On Sunday, 13th of August, 2017, Kaduna zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) remembered the 33 Martyrs killed in cold blood, by former President Good Luck Administration on 25th July, 2014, in Zaria among which include the 3 paternal sons of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky(H).

The momentous event took place at Miyyatti Allah, H/Rigasa, Kaduna. It began at about 11a.m. by recitation of Holy Qur'an, proceeded by songs of praise in remembrance and reverence to the 33 Martyrs of the Qudus Day by Mu'assasatul Abul Fadl youths. The event witnessed the attendants of hundreds of brothers and sisters from all nook and cranny of the Kaduna metro police.

Guest speaker at the event was Sayyid Sheikh Badamasi Yaqoub Zakzaky, a biological close-knit (younger brother) to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Before his aspiring lectures, veteran martyrs(victims) briefed the attendants on different aspects of experiences had during the 2014 International Qudus Day, December 12-14th of 2015 Zaria pogrom and Tuesday, 15th of December, 2015 Kaduna trials and tribulations.

Malam Tahir Zaria, one of the victims of 25th July, 2014, explains how he witnessed the martyrdom of Sayyid Hamid Zakzaky, Sayyid Ahmad Zakzaky and Sayyid Mahmud Zakzaky.
"After all what had happened, happened, what stood in my mind was the instance where Sayyid Zakzaky uttered, "Allahummah taqabbal Qurbani", before the corps of his 3 beloved sons laid down in his parlour, and the sermon delivered to the few brothers circumvent the corps". Explained Malam Tahir.

Malama Zainab Kurmin Mashi Kaduna, a victim that narrowly survived with a heavy gun shot and pro-longed bleeding explained how she witnessed the martyrdom of tenths of brothers and sisters at her watchful eyes in Gyallesu, Sunday evening, 12th December, 2015, in Malam Hamza Yawuri's house and the packing house of hurras(guards) of the Movement. She explained the steadfastness of Shaheed Sheikh Mahmud Turi, a great vicegerent of Sayyid Zakzaky in Kano zone of the Movement, how the wanton killers of Zaria massacre killed all and sundry in the precincts of Sayyid Zakzaky's house, set the house on fire after looting worth items and rounding up of Sheikh Zakzaky's body and his wife as corps. This proceeded also the rounding up of over 100 sisters and younger children from Sheikh Zakzaky's house to the Jaji Military cantonment in Kaduna.

Dr. Bashir Aljazari, a disciple of Sayyid Zakzaky and a reporter to the Al-Alam International Media(Arabic voice) explained how they suffered Tuesday, 15th of December, 2015, Kaduna trial and tribulations.
"No sooner after two-day incessant blood birth in Zaria, brothers and sisters in Kaduna come out to air their disagreement with the discontinued extermination of innocent lives in Zaria when they were repelled with live bullets and teargas by mobile Police. Before they started shooting, a Police officer of the rank of D.P.O. confronted us at the fore-front of the peaceful demonstrations, admonishing us to terminate the demonstration, or faced forceful measures, adding that, halting the demonstration is a command from high-ranking federal office. On trying to provide compromise as our aim is calling for stoppage of Zaria blood birth, they outrageously open fire, arrested us, tutored us and finally incarcerated us after taking days in Kaduna Police command office". Dr. Bashir Aljari explained.

Among other veteran martyrs that briefed the attendants include Malm. Amina Shaheed Dr. Mustapha Zaria, and Shaheed Ibrahim Badiko Kaduna.

Malm. Amina who lost her beloved husband Dr. Mustapha Sa'eed, her 3 biological sons in Zaria massacre and presently a last born among hospital inmates since 2017 Qudus Day Police in Kaduna, explained the irreparable loss of her husband, children, the tribulations she experienced from 25th July, 2014, Qudus Day trial in Zaria.
The guest speaker, Sheikh Sayyid Badamasi Yaqoub Zakzaky speaks on the unexplainable tyranny inflicted upon Sheikh Zakzaky and his spiritual bounties bestowed on him by Allah the Most Omnipotent. He explained how Sheikh Zakzaky regains normal health status and how compassionate and kind-attitude Sheikh Zakzaky is, even as he is still in illegal detention in contempt of court order.

At the end of the event, coordinator Shuhadah foundtuon, Malam Aminu U/Rimi enumerated the 33 Qudus Day martyrs which followed by Salawat for the reposed souls of the martyrs.
The programme rounded off by a visit to the thumbs of martyrs in Rigasa Kaduna. At the martyrs thumbs, Sheikh Badamasi Yaqoub Zakzaky recited supplications from Mafatihul Janaan for the reposed of the martyrs.