Haruna Shelleng the Trusted Hard Worker

Malam Haruna Shelleng is a well-known person in the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He is a very brave and committed brother. Malam Haruna Shelleng was an active member of many fora of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, he was an active "Hariss" working with the Hurras of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, He is one of the key staffs of AL-MIZAN weekly newspaper, the IMN newspaper. Malam Haruna Shelleng is a very trust worthy person as I have never heard any issue of trust-bridge between him and anyone.

He is a kind of person that doesn't get tired of working anytime. These qualities are some of the factors that made him eligible to be part of the Marriage reconciliation Committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the committee was set up by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). He is such a person that can live with all, irrespective of your natural problems. Malam Haruna Shelleng gives advice and keep secret, that makes him a friend to all and an enemy of a fool.

It is with deepest regret and pain, I extend my sympathies to brothers and sisters of IMN, his wife and family. I am honored and blessed to have known him. May the soul of Mal Haruna Shelleng be accepted as a Martyr, Ilahee