Happy Birthday Shaheed Mahmud Gilima

Mahmud Gilima, was born on 9th in the month of may 1994. He is an obidient, God Fearing, friendly to all and also a Computer Guru. Recently, he graduated from the Department of Glass Technology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

We grew up together, he was the most brilliant among the three of us (I, Him  and Abdurrahman). He was the youngest but the most smart among us. Mahmud was very Religious, courageus and influencing character. He was always on his Computer to make a difference. Whatever he engaged on, he never forgets the time for prayers.

It is like seeing him or remembering him saying his Du'a Tawassul before going to any class. To write about his character is something difficult to me.

Mahmud, is a kind of person that never tell lies no matter the circumstances. He is Among the 1000+ IMN members declared missing in the Zaria Carnage.You are always and will forever be missed and in our hearts. If you are alive, we pray for your safety and return, and if you attained matrydom, we pray for you to be raised together with the matrys of Karbala.

Happy Birthday/birthdate to our brother/friend Mahmud Gilima..... i am miss u.

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By Muhammad Gilima