By Sameer El-hajj

Well, few days back there was a loud noise around, which was said to be of people from remote quarters in Zaria local government area, of Kaduna state. The nuisance extended to media outlets, by people who claimed to represents the outcry of Gyallesu residents, which I strongly doubt.

I would have wonder, if truly the people of Gyallesu partook in such a deviant sponsored mission. I would have cry relentlessly with a sympathetic tone, in a hearty empathy of those who payback kindness mercilessly.

If truly, the nuisance of the deviants represents the entire population of Gyallesu, I would have lose faith in those aggregates who easily forgets the hand that fed them with whatever shelter required from a neighbour to a neighbour in need.

Alas! Verily, some deviants within the community are part and parcel of the campaign, who are they? The answer is beneath those dirty circulated images of December 2015 Zaria massacre, they are those merciless, heartless individuals that searched and removed money and other belongings from the dead. What should we expect from the aggregates of criminals who theft the dead? They are the example of people who can do ‘anything’ it takes to get a penny.

The deviant noisemakers do forget that the order for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky does not occurred haphazardly, rather a justification that follows the criminal justice system rigours, and fully supported by the given constitution of the state. Nuisance and deviation would not make any effect at this juncture, but it is good that all of them are spitting out the remaining envy buried innate.

Sheikh Zakzaky was born in Zaria, and no jurisdiction exists to prevent him from residing in any of the locations of the city. It is nothing but an outcry of some selected deviants who hates to see peace prevails. In the next few days to come, El-Zakzaky will be freed and reside back home. You shouldn’t bother much, we will not request for the belongings which you theft from the dead bodies of our massacred brothers, that is a serious case which we will tirelessly follow-up on the day of judgement.

Of all the utterances, that of a psychotic Professor was the most shameful, an academia who is expected to be objective, but always perambulating with subjective nuisance of persons who theft the dead, we may doubt whether his PhD is genuine or a theft dissertation.

Okay! I was reminded that the man is a Professor from the Faculty of arts; no way he should respect objectivity or employ reasoning in his everyday life. Prof. fire on with the subjective hatred of anything IMN and Sheikh Zakzaky. But believe me you, though there is no cause for alarm, everyone should relax and awaits the coming of the noble El-Zakzaky… The story just begins.

Comrade Elhaj Sameer