Ghana Islamic Community condemns execution of Sheikh al-Nimr, calls to save Sheikh Zakzaky

One behalf of Aal Yaseen Ghana Community, I sincerely express my condolences to the Imam of our time( ajtfs) our maraji, the entire Shia muslims in the world and most especially the family, children and wife of Ayatollah Nimr Baqer Alnimr.

We are proud to have such a man who rose against tyranny and sacrificed himself for Islam and Humanity.

Our eminent sheikh has said to us "Sheikh Nimrs blood will wash away the tyrant Government of Saudi Arabia."

We call on all Shias globally to save the Lion of Africa, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his followers from a possible execution same as sheikh Nimr.

We call on our Maraji globally to come together and present a united front in condemning the killings of Shias, we urge our maraji to please protect us, to establish an International Legal Aid, to give legal services to vulnerable Shias in custody of tyrant Government's.

The enemies of Ahlul Bayt tries to bury us but they have forgotten we are seeds.

They are killing us, but they have forgotten killing us makes us more firm and strong.

I hope the tyrant and the cursed Yazid knew the killing of Imam Hussein will make Imam more popular, Im sure he wouldn't have killed him. So the AlSaud, sons of Yazid, you have mistaken.

From a far in Africa, we condemn you, your hands are soaked with the blood of pious men. Shame on those who claims to be custodians of Haramain but kills 5000 Muslims at Mina.

Shame on you Al Suood. Down with Al Suood, Down with the satanic, tyrant, enemy of Islam who pretends to be Muslim.

Oh Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(ajtfs,)

Abo Mohammed Baqer
International Relations
Aal Yaseen Ghana Community

Source: abna24