Ghadeer Khum celebration, Kaduna, 2013.

Today 29/10/2013(24 Zulhajj, 1434), Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Kaduna state zone, under the Leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), organized Eidil Ghadeer, at Tudun wada (yan lilo) Kaduna. Qur’anic recitation was said by Mal. Auwal Muhammad, welcoming remark by Mal. Aliyu Turmuzy, A short dramer was presented by the Dreamer Group (Tamsiliyyat) and poems, Ziyarat of Amirul mumineen Aliyu bn Abitalib was said by Mal. Abubakar U. Muazu and Mal. Mukhtar Sahabi introduced Mal. Qasim Umar to the podium as a guest speaker at the occasion to deliver his speech.

Mal. Qasim began with praising Allah (T) for his infinite blessings, and deliberate on the word Ghadeer khum as a place in Makka (Valley of River ). He shed more light on the event that happened in Ghadeer khum day that prophet Muhammad (SAWA) assign Imam Ali bin Abutalib as his successor, even though the Apostle of Allah (T) was afraid to inform the people about the assignment of His brother AS, but Allah promise (through Angel Gabriel) to protect him after He deliver the message, it is as if He (SAWA) does not deliver the entire prophecy for delivering Ghadeer’s message. In His conclusion, Mal. Qasim praise Allah (T) for making us among the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) who guided us to this path (as follower of Aliyu bin Abitalib (AS)).

Mal. Mukhtar Sahabi shed more light on the Farewell pilgrim message of prophet Muhammad (SAWA). Closing remark and prayers was also observed.