The Funeral Of The Two Martyrs Of Sokoto

 The funeral ceremony of the two brothers- Aminu Hali Tsabare and Hashimu Adamu- that martyred after violators attacked the group of brothers that escorted Mallam Kasimu and other freed brothers to Sokoto state, was carried out last week Saturday 12th October,2013 at around 2:00pm .

Many brothers escorted the corpse of Mallam Aminu Hali Tsabare to ‘Isah’ a city in Sokoto state. The corpse was carried in a car decorated with flowers, accompanied with a parade of honor by the Hurras, After about an hour, the corpse was taken to ‘Tsabare’ which is his indigene.

The funeral, which had high number of attendants, impressed the people of Tsabare. Martyr Aminu Hali left a wife and three children.

While the funeral of martyr Aminu Hali was taking place at Sokoto state, martyr Hashimu Adamu funeral was also taking place at Rigachikun Kaduna state his indigene where Mallam Mukhtar Sahabi led it. Many people from various places attended the funeral of martyr Aminu Hali. He left two wives and eight children.