Fudiyya science college laboratory opening +Pictures

Shaikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi on Sunday 12th Rajab 1435 (11/5/2014)
commissioned the opening of Fudiyyah Science College, Kano first
science laboratory.
The school general science laboratory was designed and equipped from
the scarce resources gotten from donations and levies on teachers
unjust absenteeism and student late comers. Shaikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi
happened to have donated over eighty percent of the donations.
Earlier, Shaikh Turi was a guest in a two session debate by some
members of the school, “Water is more useful than Fire” and “papers
are more use than pen”, in which every debater was trying to put
forward his coordinated and convincing points.
Shaikh Turi express appreciation in great improvement in the debates
with student being able to pass their convincing points, hoping the
staff and students will put more efforts.
Likewise he choose the opportunity to remind us on the birthday of
Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) which will be tomorrow 13th Rajab, illustrating
his illustrious brief biography, virtues, development of education,
various contributions to humanity etc. The Noble Rasoul (SAWA) was the
city of knowledge and Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) its gate. 1400 years ago
Imam Aliy (AS) has informed us on the development of electricity
development from hydro i.e. hydroelectric power supply.  He also
encourages staff and student emulating Imam Aliy (AS) on his search
and making knowelge helpful.
The school was established four years ago and exists presently in a
rented accommodation, but hopefuly wish to start construction of the
school in the acquired plot of land.
Mal Aliy Garba the principal of the school extened a thankful closing
remarks and with a prayer from the special guest Shaikh Turi, Staff,
Students, PTA, and School management bid farewell to Shaikh Turi.