A Fresh Plot Aimed at Shedding Blood of Members of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky, Masses, Exposed:

Sheikh Yaqub Yahaya Kastina had on Friday, 5th of February, 2016, uncovered a sinister plan by enemies of Islam to shed more blood of brothers and sisters.
Sheikh Yaqub Yahaya debunked the treacherous plan shortly after a night prayer session on the Friday, at Markaz, Katsina. He commended the noble effort made by brothers and sisters on N100 dues launched on brothers and sisters to redress some relapses caused by the senseless Nigerian Army and the tyrannic Nigerian Government.

While debunking the sinister plan on Islamic Movement, its revered leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his faithful followers, Sheikh Ya'quob Yahaya, said, "A secret meeting held in Kaduna with some heretics. The meeting aimed at suppressing the peaceful protests and rallies taking place in various zones and chapters of the Movement. Sheikh Ya'quob exposed that, they lamented on how despite the clamped down on the Movement and its leader, but though, the followers of the leader are always executing rallies and protests, demanding the release of the revered leader. They will utilized every opportunity to see that the leader remained in custody" Explained by the Ameer.

He further uncovered that some religious heretics have agreed and arranged to submit themselves to be used as machineries so as to bring a violence during the continuous peaceful protests and rallies taking place across various zones. When such chaos is caused, they will use the opportunity launch a frenzied attack on brothers and sisters carrying the peaceful protests, in such a way, they hinder the weekly and timely protests and rallies.

At the end of his address, Sheikh Ya'quob Yahaya call on brothers and sisters to intensify in supplications and fastings convoking Allah's catastrophe upon conspirators and the perpetrated despots and Nigerian for Zaria massacre.

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