Freed brothers of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria were welcomed to zaria

On Saturday 5th October, 2013, the freed brothers of the Islamic movement in Nigeria were welcomed to Zaria. The freed members of the movement gathered at Kaduna after leaving their place of arrest. They left Kaduna in the morning while people from different parts of the country gathered at Kaduna road close to Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic waiting for their arrival. The number of the people and vehicles present is beyond ones imagination. They reached Zaria after 11:00am and moved through Gwargwaje, Zaria city, Kasuwa, Babban-dodo, Qofan-doka, Tudun-wada, PZ and finally Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah.

At Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah, a few presentations took place as a symbol of welcoming them. Malam Qasim Umar one of the freed brothers delivered a speech; In his speech, he mentioned that the fact they kept them in prison for 6 years 4 months will not make them to change their mind on what they are doing or stop them from paying their allegiance to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), and that they can go ahead and take them to any prison tougher and harder than the former prison, it makes no different. After his speech, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) addressed the gathering. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in his speech addressed people in different category. He started by addressing the freed brothers of the movement were he said brothers of the movement who undergoes these tests which included killing, imprisoning, wealth destruction and driven away from their homes. He told them that to be tested is compulsory in the path of Allah and is based on your faith. As far as you are a believer you can never escape it, and it does not matter how far away you may be, a tyrant must definitely follow you. To those martyred that's the way Allah has made their test to be. To those imprisoned for 6 years 4 months we've never witnessed people imprisoned for that long before. Sheikh Zakzaky told the freed brothers to buckle up because things will be hard for them now, the years they spent in prison was an opportunity for them to read more, pray, seek for knowledge etc. Now that they are freed, they won’t have all the time they had before. He added that when someone is imprisoned it implies that his family most especially his mother are the imprisoned not him. To those who were denied their homes, it’s time to go back home. To the tyrant governor of Sokoto state Alu Wamako who imprisoned them without any fault, destroyed their houses and assets, killed some brothers of the movement, drove some out of the state etc. “what have you gained in doing all what you did?” Killing 12 and imprisoning 112 members of the movement will not make any difference because we are more than that. Sheikh Zakzaky (H) said ‘we know all what happened, we did not forget it and will never forgive it’’. Sheikh Zakzaky (H) concluded by saying the message the holy prophet (SAAW) left cannot be gotten in anywhere but His household and that is where we got it from. Finally Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) said the closing prayer.