Free Sheikh Zakzaky Rally in Kano

Participant at the Kano “Free Shaikh Zakzaky (H)” rally on Friday 18th
March, 2016 at Fagge Friday mosque Kano reiterated the call for the
release of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, His Eminence
Shaikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky (H).
During his speech at the Rally Mal Sunusi Abdulkadir reiterated we
shall never relent on the call for the unconditional release of our
leader Shaikh Zakzaky (H) on till he is release. He also mentioned
even if we return to the mercy of Allah (T) our children shall
continue with the call on the struggle.
Mal Sunusi also reiterated the call for the release of all those held
with security agencies, giving back the dead bodies of those killed by
the Nigerian Army during the Zaria December 12-14th, 2015 massacre,
paying compensation of destroyed properties.
The evil plot by the Nigerian authorities on followers of Shaikh
Zakzaky (H) in the towns of Katsina and Sokoto in continuation of the
atrocities on Shaikh Zakzaky (H) and the Islamic movement was also
Earlier Mal Sunusi in his speech talked about the forthcoming birthday
celebration of Sayidatul Nisa’il Alamin, Sayyida Fatimatul Zahra bint
Muhammad (AS) briefly mentioning her biography with the preparation
made for its celebration by the Islamic movement.
Prayers were made during the commencement and closure of the rally.
Muhammad Isa Ahmad