Free Sheikh Zakzaky Rally Held in Bauchi State

Protest was held in Bauchi State against the unjust detention, killings and different form of atrocities of Nigerian Soldiers committed on Shaikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H) and his followers.  

A rally was at Ajiya Adamu Jumma’at Mosque with thousands in attendance  on today Friday 1 Jun 2016 with many in attendance.

Shaikh Ahmad Yusuf Yashi  made the speech highlighting various forms of the government atrocities and their pretext trying to cover their atrocities. He reiterated and stressed that all people of conscience  shall unfailingly stand firmly on the path of Allah as examplified by Sheikh Zakzaky despite evil plots.

Despite attempts to thwart all forms of protest and informing the  populace the true scenario of what happened, participants remain resolute not to relent in doing so.