Free Shaikh Zakzaky Rally continues in Fagge Mosque, Kano with M. Yakubu Katsina

Yesterday Friday 25th Jimadal Ula, 1437 (4/5/2016) Free Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) rally was held at Fagge Jumma’at Mosque with Malam Yakubu Yahya Katsina as the special guest speaker with Thousands in attendance.

Participant at the rally carried Free Zakzaky placards, different Posters including does of the Nigerian army Zaria December 12-14th atrocities, while chanting different slogans expressing their stands
in upholding their allegiance to Allah (T), Following path of Rasoul (saww), his Ahlul-Bait (AS) and pious Servants as well as the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky

Malam Yakubu in his speech touch on a lot of issues that include the present state of the Nigerian Army Zaria 12-14th December, 2015 massacre where he reiterated the stands of the movement for the
unconditional release of its Leader Shaikh Zakzaky (H), the release of all illegally detained Brothers and Sisters with Nigerian security outfits, handing over martyred bodies of those they killed and paying
ransom of properties they destroyed.

Yaquob Yahaya katsina also highlighted explanatory speech of our Deity worthy of worship, what is Al-Isalm, and how are human expected to run their lives as ordained by Allah (T), shown to us by our Noble Prophet (SAWW) and Ahlul-Bait (AS) and this path that Shaikh Zakzaky (H) has
shown us and calling upon all to follow.

He also made clarification on various calls or stands of Shaikh Zakzaky (H) eg Bara’a and Wiliya, the call to Islam only, running our life in this contemporary world based on the dictate of Allah (T). One such examples in the speech is there is no other laws or constitution worthy of obedience other than that of Allah, stressing that this does not mean we shall not obey all laws that have humanitarian justification and benefit to all. For example when the government of the day decide to instituted new traffic laws and management techniques, we shall not say we wouldn’t abide by such laws because the government of the day is un-Islamic, because the law will be beneficial to humanity. However, when the government promulgate laws that are in contradiction to that of Allah, eg one shall not convey the message of Allah unless authorize, we shall not heed to such laws that contravene that of Allah’s that call upon us to extend the message of Allah.

While talking on the presented state of the country where the previous years is far better than the present, the previous government is better than the present as voiced out by its habitants. What is the
only way out? Shaikh Yaquob reiterated the way out is going back to our root ie Al-Islam which the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Zakzaky (H) have been on this track and calling upon all to follow for the past 37 years, and has been persecuted for staying on this track and calling all to follow suite.

Before is closing speech, Yaquob Yahaya katsina employed on Brothers and Sisters to remain steadfast on the regular prayers and increase the quest in abiding by Allah’s dictates and getting closer to Allah.
The rally came to a close following Takbirs, oath of allegiance and dua from Mal. Yaquob Yahya.

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad.