Free Shaikh Zakzaky Protest in National Assembly (FCT) Abuja

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the auspices of the Academic Forum of the Islamic in collaboration with Mu'assatu  Abul Fadl Abbas (MAFA) Organisation have today Thursday 2/6/2016 staged a peaceful demonstration in the Federal Capital Territory demanding the immediate release of their supreme leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife Malama Zeenatudden Ibraheem and hundreds of hs followers who are been detained since after Zaria massacre last year.

Protest kick-off at Eagle Square follow to the National House of Assembly and ended at Federal Sectarian in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. 

Staging a rally at the gate of the National Assembly, protesters was received by a staff of the Assembly Dini Magi who asked whether they have submitted any letter to the assembly and they confirmed to him that they have and even gave him copies as well.
He then explained that the members of the assembly have all left and that their message shall be conveyed to them for onward action.

Before the staff of the Assembly, one of Police Officer he addres the protersters.

Hundreds of people converged at Eagle Square, Abuja  in the capital and took to the streets, carrying Zakzaky - embossed placards with the messages calling for his release. Moreover, various leaflets were distributed to the bystanders who thronged the streets to look on the demonstration. The organisation had also seized the chance to inform the onlookers of the massacre committed against them by the Nigerian government.

This is the first 3time a large protest is held in the Federal Capital Territory and the protest had attracted people from different parts of the country.