First Quds Day Seminar held in Kano

The 1st Quds day seminar themed “Ensuring human rights in global ethics and the Islamic awakening” organized by Resource forum of the
Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Kano chapter was held today Sunday
17th July, 2016 at the IMN markaz Kofar Waika, Kano, with the rekown
historian Prof Dahiru Yahya and Prof Abdullahi Danladi as guest
speakers, Mal Yusuf Abdullahi the chairman of the occation and Mal
Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki being the host.
Prof Dahiru Yahya was to deliver a lecture on “Quds day, the
revolution of Iman Khomein (QS) and the future world order”.
In his speech at the occasion Prof Dahiru Yahya highlighted his dismay
on the plight of Al-Quds and Palestine with majority of people keeping
mute on the atrocities of the world order putting a helping hand in
sustaining atrocities of the Zoinist. He also showed it’s a known fact
whoever show his dismay on the plight of Al-Quds and Palestine and
extend his hands to seeing the affairs of Al-Quds is removed from
zoinist atrocities, the Zoinist will do every thing possible is seeing
his life is removed from this earth or ensuring division amongst the
populace and seeing their goals are achieved. The so called Shia-Sunni
divide is a clear evidence in the world today with Saudia Arabia and
Wahabisim at fore front of aiding Zionist expressed Prof Dahiru. He
thanked Imam khomein’s call towards the plight of Al-Quds and
Palestine which had paved way to the desire change which soon shall
More so, Prof Dahiru expressed the world order activities in Nigeria
today have expressed Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and the IMN under his
leadership as a threat, thus have arrainged various malicious agendas
and activities in seeing they crush Shaikh Zakzaky (H) and the
movement which insha Allah will not succeed sighting Shehu Usman Bin
Fodio (TR) has for long fortold us the coming of Mujadid Ibraheem Al
Magrabi (H) and reviving Al-Islam under his leadership. He also stated
Shehu Usman (TR) has for long in his writing showed the pathway of
Ahlul-Bait (AS) is that pathway of Al-Islam an example of the tawassul
of Shehu Usman (TR) with the twelve Imams (AS).
Prof Abdullahi Danladi, in his speech on the Topic “Lessons from the
Zaria Quds day 2014 killings” highlighted various lessons after
analysis of the killings and aftermath that include, establishing the
fact that the IM has a steadfast leader and leadership of Shaikh
Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Different people irrespective of ideology,
school of thought, status, position, race,colour, have shown sympathy
to the atrocities of Zaria Quds day killings,even those in authority
of countries expressing outrage and sympathy of the atrocities.
Likewise more people have come to realise Shaikh Zakzaky (H) call
envisage humain attitude, love for peace, show of kindness, resistance
to oppression and injustice etc. with sober reflection from various
elites and christain leaders.
Prof Abdullahi also gave a refection for a clear analysis of who ever
has Al-Quds affairs within his control, control the world global
affairs. Alhamdullah, the world zoinist have for long affirm that the
Islamic revolution lead by Imam Khomein in Iran had lead to the
collapse of the control of the world’s affair.
The chief host Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir in his comment showed keeping
mute to oppression and injustice with the atrocities in Al-Quds and
Palestine is unimaginable and unaccepted and will insha Allah uphold
the call to the libration of Al Quds and Palestine.
Earlier Dr Bala Abdullahi introduced Alh Ibrahim Kazaure made an
opening prayer at the programme, and reading from the Holy Quran from
Haikma Shahid Muhammad Turi and peoms from Ittihadul Shu’arah.
Amongst dignitries present include Dr Isa Mshelgaru, Alh Usman
Muhammad etc Dr Dauda Nalado made opening remarks briefing
highlighting the forum and its activity and Mal Muhammad Isa Ahmad
making a vote of thanks.
The programme was to hold in Democratic Mumbayya house but two days to
the event revoke the use of the auditorium stating an excuse they are
not comfortable with the event held at the decocratic auditorium.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad