Like Everywhere in Nigeria, Free Zakzaky Protest Held in Yola Adamawa State

On Sunday 13 Rabi’u Awwal 1437/ 21 of the february 2016 around 10:0am members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Under the leadership of Shaikh Ibrheem Zakzaky (H) in Yola once again protest march continue to denounce Illegal detention of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and others his followers.

The protest march gave update of the present situation after 73 days of the atrocities committed by the Nigerian Army, under the Administrator of President Chief of army staff Muhammadu Buhari.

In Yola members of the Islamic Movement take to the street to reiterate the massacre committed in Zaria in last year.

The protest march started from Fuddiya Nepa coming down to Mubi roundabout which lead to doubeli, Bauchi street. Accidently!!!! No: 23 armor of the Nigerian Army Yola were coming from doubeli side two truck, suddenly, there were stand still of vehicle i.e machines Keke napet, due to that event, the Armies came down with there force to clear the road, in that situation the peaceful protest from the sisters angle the Army break up the protest line and have access to pass with there two Armed trucks, before the protest march continues without any harassment from both side.

The protest lead to Jimeta modem market were it end Malam Usman Sa’ad spoke on the atrocities in Zaria to listeners. Closing prayer from Mal. Usman Sa’ad.

By Auwal Sabati Yola and Munnir Abdulhamid in Yola