The Encroachment of Wahhabism: Our Fear!

By Sheikh Hassan Bala

Various observers have been airing their views in regards to the anti-terrorism conference being held in Nigeria by Salafist preachers.

Despite the fact that the conference is still ongoing, there has been fear among some religious groups who are not symptomatic to the Wahabist creed that this conference is a facade for the proliferation of radicalism in their country. The major fear that continues to grip many an observer is the revelation that the conference is being held under the aegis of Saudi Arabia, with the accursed Kingdom sending some of its notorious clerics who have recorded an infamy for excommunicating Muslims and expressing sympathies for the terrorists in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world.

It is a well known fact that the crises that engulf the Middle East, especially the crises in Syria, Yemen and Iraq are directly exacerbated by the Saudi's unholy interventions. It sponsors and arms such terrorist groups as Al-Nusra and IS. It also uses its hatred-inducing clerics to lure youths into going to Syria in the name of jihad. Some of these clerics are:
Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi
Sheikh Ali Jumua
Sheikh Abdullahi bn Bayya
Sheikh Rashid Ghanouchi
Sheikh Abdul Magid Az-Zindani
Sheikh Mahmoud Al_Meera
Sheikh Khalid Al Mathkour
Sheikh Nasr Fareed Wasil
Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Delami
Sheikh Ali Qurra Daghi
Ustadh Nasir Bin Sulayman
Dr Mahmoud Farooq Al Batal
The most disturbing scenario is the fact that up to this moment, no body has the gut to answer the question asked by some observers that why has The KSA never condemned any terrorist attacks by the Salafi-inspired Boko Haram? Failure to answer this question is a testimony to our harbouring suspicion that the recent Buhari's decision to join the Saudi-led coalition against terrorism and the upsurge in the activities of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria are some of the reasons why we are scared of the encroachment of Wahhabism in our country. The fear is due largely to fact that Saudi Arabia has in times without numbers involved in the funding of terrorism all over the world.
It is no longer new that fatwas (religious decrees) are issued by the clerics for expulsion of Christians from the Arabian peninsular or the killings of Shias. In 14th May, 2013, a terrorist activist in Syria was filmed cutting the liver of a Syrian soldier after a fatwa was issued, legalising the killing of the Syrian soldiers. This is the case in Nigeria, Iraq and other countries who bear the brunt of terrorism.
Findings already show that from Christians to other denominations in Islam nobody is in favour of Buhari's pivot to Saudi Arabia.
Therefore, when it comes to war, there is something more important than winning, that is survival, in regard to all this, we reject the encouragement of Wahhabism in our country, Nigeria.