Dr. John Dan Fulani visits IMN Center in Bauchi 14/05/2017

Dr. John DanFulani visited IMN center at Bauchi on Sunday 14th May 2017 just to interact with the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Bauchi.
The Dr. That was welcomed by Academic Forum members at IMN's Amir residence have expressed his gratitude to the welcome he received at the event. He addressed fellow members on the following issues:
1. Members of the Movement (IMN) should express themselves to the people and let them know who are they. Do let their enemies to tells people who Shia are or the Shiism is. Otherwise the enemies will rather paint them black instead of telling the general public the truth.
2. A book should be written upon calling the attention of people towards the goals and objectives of IMN and the real image of the IMN. The book will reach the people irrespective of their distance and ethnic groups.
3. Continuing visiting prominent people within the society especially rulers to create mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence within the society .
The following pictures shows how the event took place.