Detailed Information of the #ZariaMassacre by the Nigerian army:

As a result of the Nigerian Army pogrom in Zaria, Kaduna State on Saturday 12th – Monday 14th December 2015, against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the Leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky with the full intent to kill The Sheikh and to stop the spread of Shiism in #Nigeria which is termed as ‘The Giant of Africa’. Sheikh Zakzaky’s followership is predominantly Shi’a ( i.e Followers of the Ahlul Bayt School of Thought ).

The following is a more detailed information on the Nigerian regime via Nigerian army pogrom against defenseless and unarmed Shia Muslims in Zaria, Nigeria:

■Almost 1000+ were killed or missing.

■887 Families so far affected.

■Not less than 472 Widows.

■1937 Orphans.

■100+ Orphans born to Widows since #Zaria_Massacre

■191 in prison custody

■62 of those in prison are students

■Over 300 Hospitalised with various degree of injuries, others life threatening, up til now.

■2 died in prison due to lack of medical attention

■347 that included women and children in a single mass grave in #Mando, outskirts of Kaduna (According to Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai).

■The iconic Zaria Husseiniyya, the largest in #Africa, completely destroyed.

■Residence of Sheikh Zakzaky burnt down by the Nigerian army and completely destroyed.

■Darul Rahama (Home of mercy), IMN grave yard, desecrated and completely destroyed.

Harun Elbinawi