Demonization of IMN & Shia Islam by Nigerian Government

Demonization of IMN & Shia Islam by Nigerian Government
“I am of the view that the applicant need not be demonised, but that they should be allowed to practice the faith they choose,” -Justice Gabriel Kolawole.

Justice Gabriel Kolawole said these words while delivering judgement on Friday (02/12/2016) in a bail application sought by the IMN leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, which was granted by the court. This statement by the honorable Judge underlined the massive campaign of calumny and demonization launched by the President Buhari-led Nigerian government against the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and Shia Islam.

Last December Nigerian President Buhari sent the army to mass-murder close to one thousand Shia civilians, burnt some of them alive and destroyed the iconic Husseiniya which is the largest in Africa. Even Graveyard was not spared as graves of IMN members were desecrated and destroyed by Soldiers. After the inhuman massacre the Nigerian government launched massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against IMN, Sheikh Zakzaky and Shia Islam. Wahhabi clerics were mobilized to spread this propaganda campaigns among Muslims. Mushroom human rights groups and fake activists were recruited by the Nigerian government to spread the campaign.

One of the biggest evil in Nigeria today is the BokoHaram insurgency that had killed more than 30,000 Nigerians and is still killing. One of the members of President Buhari murderous cabal, Gen. Tukur Buratai and the army Chief, fraudulently claimed that the Shia men, women, children and the aged that he supervised their murder during ZariaMassacre were "worst than BokoHaram". To any bloodthirsty Wahhabi terrorist Shia Muslims are "worst" than anything and that is why #ShiaGenocide is an agenda of the evil cult of Wahhabism.

The Nigerian government sponsored campaigns woefully failed because they were based on lies and sheer falsehood. The Saudi Arabia government provided huge funds for the campaigns. They propagates all sort of lies against IMN, Sheikh Zakzaky and Shia Islam. Wahhabism that inspired the murderous cabal is all about hatemonger, intolerance and terrorism.

President Buhari and his gang of mass-murderers instead of them to concentrate on governance were busy executing the evil imperialist agenda that has the Saudi regime as a front of killing defenseless Nigerians and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves. Today there are Shia mass graves in Kaduna, Kano and Zaria that contains the remains of Nigerian men, women and children brutally murdered by President Buhari and his murderous cabal.

Today the Nigerian economy is in deep recession, inflation is high, prices of everything have more than double, BokoHaram and bandits are killing Nigerians and violent crimes like kidnapping are on the rise. President Buhari and his murderous cabal are ascribing their monumental failures to God to deceive the gullible masses but if they had succeeded they would have claimed the credit.

Harun Elbinawi