Deception and Stupidity At War For and Against Each Other:

First of all, please let me make it clear
that the so called I$i$ has NO basis in
religion, no credibility in politics and no
right in legal terms. It's a heretical,
fascist and an illegal mafia. Regardless
of the grievances, the oppression and
the real injustices they use as pretexts,
they have no right to pretend to speak
for Muslims or Islam, let alone
masquerading as some legitimate
utopian myth inspired scam of "
Khilafa". There is no such a thing in
Islam as a religion. What Islam requires
is a system that is just, peaceful,
tolerant and egalitarian that is based on
consensus ," Ashurah". None of this
was achieved after the time of the
Prophet and his 4 successors. NONE of
ANY of the so called khilafa
propagandists or their shills show ANY
of the minutest hints of these qualities,
be it within I$i$ itself or other trolls
and dupes peddling the same scam.
Having said that, we know that the
pretexts they use are born out of the
imperialist colonization of the region,
the oppressive exploitation, and the
wars that have been waged against it
since then at the hands of Western
governments and their allies of the
puppet dictators. These injustices are
ongoing with or without I$i$, and it's
very important not to ignore them.
The thing in all of this, is the way the
issues are being reported to sell the
wars. It is very manipulative in a
deceptive and fascist way aimed mostly
at those who are not qualified or able
to think for themselves and analyze
what is being fed to them. The said
governments make claims and publish
reports and videos and other media,
which they want us all to just take
their word for it. Well, of course, there
is such a legacy of truthfulness and
integrity, so we can just build on that
and swallow it all hook, line and sinker!
What is stunning in all of this is that all
these videos are being first released by
spy agencies which are part of the
governments waging the wars. We can
understand if this happened just once
when, for example, the accounts of the
said terrorists were "hacked", but for
this to be the norm just makes it too
much to entertain! There have also
been too many discrepancies in the
content and the format of the videos
themselves, and we discussed such
points many times before. All of this, in
addition to the many other revelations
in other media about the people
involved, strongly points to the fact
that they have been produced by
entities which are outside of I$i$. I
don't think it would be too hard to
guess or know for sure who these
entities might be?!
What say you, and how do you think
this might be taking place? I have my
own theories, but let's see what you
think please ?"

by Najib Alaoui