Day 6: 1438AH Ashura mourning gathering in Kano

Before the arrival of the guest speaker for today, Malam Sunusi
Abdulqadir briefly recap the issue of high regard and respect accorded
to children by Islamic ethics as taught by Ahlal bayt. He then proceed
to list things considered to be gross violations of children's rights
which were meted out to the camp of Imam Husain At Karbala. These
among other things include setting children clothes ablaze,
terrorizing the children, killing parents in front of their children
and vice versa, forceful removal of precious items from the ears of
the children of the Prophet's household, forcefully removing off their
hijabs, violations of the dignity of children, Beating them, the
severed heads of parents were raised in front of the children progeny
of the Prophet. All these atrocities were meted out to none but
children among the progeny of the Prophet.
The guest speaker was Sheikh Sharif Shubli. He spoke in Arabic
briefly. He lamented about the tragedy of Karbala. He mentioned the
fact that the leader of the Prophets has cried over the tragedy that
befell Aba Abdullah Husain.
Dua was said by Sharif Shubli after which Magrib prayer was offered.
As usual the duas Alqama and tawassul were said before closing for the
day. Many participants trekked orderly back to their destinations
according to halkas ( units).

Dr Dawud Nalado and Muhammad Isa Ahmad