Day 5th Unity Week (Night session)

The speaker guest Sheikh Bazullah Abdul-Qadir Nasir Kabara from was introduced by mal. Mansur Gumel. Sheikh Bazullah is close student of mal. Nasir Kabara’s teaching circle, he attended ma’ahad Islamic school headed by sheikh Nasiru kabara. Sheikh Bazullah is also the shell in charge of tafsir of Alshafa.

Sheikh Bazullah started his speech with short introductory prayer, he said before, he attended the unity week as representative of sheikh Qaribullah the Khalifa (successor) of Sheikh Nasiru Kabara but now he is attending as a guest speaker. He said the late sheikh Nasiru Kabara was the flag bearer of unity among muslims, he mentioned how sheikh Nasiru Kabara tried to establish unity by visiting scholars like Sheikh Sharif Saleh of Maiduguri Sheikh Dahiru Bauci and Sultan of Sokoto Ibrahim Dasuqi infact he even visted Sheikh Mahmud Abubakar Gumi in Kaduna before he made the defamatory statement about the martyrdom of imam Hussain by saying “so what if Imam Hussain was Killed”.

Sheikh Bazullah said any true follower of Sheikh Kabara must uphold the concept of Muslims’ unity advanced by sayyeed Zakzaky (H). He said people are rumoring that he is now a Shiite for honoring these kinds of invitation, we all know the true islam, and if people should continue to accuse him of being shi’a he’ll use his authority as a scholar to say something to the public that will turn everybody to Shi’a, said sheikh Bazullah.

Sheikh Bazullah Focuses on his Topic ‘Life of Imam Ja’afar Al-Saqiq’, he mentioned that imam Ja’afar Al-Sadiq is the most famous among the 12 imamates, he said sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani is a 8th descendant of Imam Sadiq. He added that even sheikh Ahmad Tijjani make ‘tawassul’ of the Ahlul-bait in his famous book ‘Auzab wal Aurad’, but the book now is revised in a new edition that this particular part is removed. This is a great crime against knowledge but the truth can never be hidden said Sheikh Bazullah.

Sheikh Bazullah conlculed that Shi’ism and Sufism have just a slight difference because sufis believe in the 4 caliphates while the shi’as believe in the 12 imamates as the prophet stated. After sheikh Bazullah’s speech Sheikh Zakzaky also talked about the topic given sheikh bazullah. He firstly talked about the life of imam Ali zainul-Abibin followed by imam Muhammad baqir’s life where he said imam Muhammad baqir gathers the knowledge of his ancestors while imam ja’afar Al-Sadiq spread these knowledge to the world.

Finally the closing prayer was held by sheikh bazullah and that brings the end of the night session.