Day 4: Martyrdom of Abdullahir-Radhi Commemoration Kaduna 2015

The martyrdom of Abdullahir-Radhi (Aliyu Asghar) is commemorated by the Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Kaduna zone. The event held today 18/10/2015 ( 05/01/1437 H), at zango primary school field T/wada Kaduna with thousands of people in blacks. Aliyu Asghar is the infant of Imam Husain AS slained with a poisoned arrow that have triple sharped head. He was slained by Harmala (L) whom also pulled his bow's trigger on Imam Husain AS heart which initiate His down fall. The event also symbolized the outfit of Aliyu Asghar with other infants present. Still at today's commemoration, Malam Muhammadu Saleh a scholars from Ahl -Zikr and Lecturer gave his speech on the lessons derived from Ashura tragedy. He shed light on the haterate shown to Ahl-Bayt AHS by ummah.