Day 3: Sayyidah Fatima (AS) Birthday comemmoration (Pictures)

The comemmoration of Sayyidah Zahrah (SA) continues on Sunday 20th Jimada-thani, 1435 (20/4/2014) features on the third day include a lecture delivered by Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim where she briefly mention the lessons from the history of Imam Khumein (QS) in the evening diginitaries at the session include Pastor Yohana Buru from Kaduna State and Imam Musa Ladan from Cameroon.

During the night session a cake was cut by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) to mark the birthday of the beloved daughter of the holy Prophet (S) Sayyidah Fatima (SA), followed by the trailer show of the film titled "Shehu Bin Fodio" produced by the I.M Prodution, and finally Sheikh Zakzaky (H) mention some virtures of the Lady of Light (SA).