Day 3: First Annual Commemoration of the Zaria Quds Day Massacre, 25th July, 2015 / 10th Shawwal, 1436AH

On Saturday 25th July, 2015 the annual 25th July 2014 Zaria Quds day massacre continues at Darul-Rahma in Zaria, Nigeria. The day is the last day of the commemoration in Zaria, the annual conference will hold tomorrow at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria.
Among those that witnessed today’s occasion include the living martyrs, the families of the martyrs, and the Imam of one of the oldest mosque of Washington Imam Muhammad Al-Asi and others.
Before the speech by the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) a series of activities have initially conducted which include the opening prayer, recitation of some verses from the holy Qur’an, Parade by the Hurras of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, parade and displays by members of Abul-Fadl Abbas foundation, a short drama by I.M production among others.
Sayyid Ali Ibraheem Zakzaky who is the son of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria and also one of the members of the Islamic movement that were injured and taken to the barrack on the international Quds day procession on 25th July, 2014 in Zaria, Nigeria brief the gathering on what happens on that very day. He mentioned how they left home with his brothers and what happens during the attack and also how they were carried to the barrack and how they were maltreated, bullied, harassed and abused by the Nigerian armies in the barrack.
A speech was followed by the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) who expresses that the attack on the 25th July Zaria Quds day massacre was a trial from Allah, and we believe that with trials we succeed. He added that in the last 6yrs the international quds day procession was attacked, where two of the brothers were martyred (Shaheed Abdurrahman Isa and Shaheed Muhammad Musa), there are also some of our brothers that were injured one of them is still not fully recovered (i.e) Malam Talha. During the attack all the three children were in the frontage of that procession.
He further express that Shaheed Hameed Ibraheem Zakzaky is a genius type, he is also very creative, an Asperger indeed, in other countries his type are given special attention, Shaheed Hamid and Shaheed Ahmad were both given a “green-card” which is given to genius students only that will give them the chance to study any course in any university in China when they went to study there.
We pray that all those that contributed in attacking and killing of our brothers will continue to live a mysterious life before they die a miserable death before next year, we have the report of the death of some of them. He added
We also pray that our martyrs will be among those that will be raised back to live during the reappearance of the awaited Imam. He concluded.
After his speech, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) led a visit to where the martyrs are laid to rest and Masjid Hamza bn AbdulMudallib which mark the end of the program in Zaria.
Tomorrow God willing the annual conference and exhibition of the 25th July 2014 Zaria Quds day massacre will hold at Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria.