Day 2: Sheikh Zakzaky Recalls the Origin of Ashura

On Tuesday the 2nd of Muharram being the second day of the annual Ashura mourning gathering at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria, the leader of the Islamic Movement began to enumerate what originated the Ashura tragedy.

While speaking on the necessity of enumerating the genesis of Ashura Sheikh Zakzaky said Ashura event seems to be something strange in this part of the world, due to the fact that people’s minds were filled with the distorted history of Islam. Also, people were not used to see mourning gathering where mourners weep for the Imam(AS), therefore there is need to explain the event in detail. 

Sheikh Zakzaky also ennumirates some of the barbaric behaviors that took place at the event of Karbala which have never happens even in the Pre-Islamic Arab society which include the attack on  women and children, and decapitation, However, all this  happened in Karbala. Even the grave of suckling child who was buried was being search to be beheaded too.  Another thing which arab did not do is for a  group to fight a single fighter.

Speaking further on the Arab society, the Sheikh explained that they did respect people of good qualities such as truthworthiness, sincerity, trust and other noble qualities. The house of the Prophet excelled in all these qualities and as such they earned so much respect. And that’s why all Arab leaders came from the household of the Prophet(S). Had it been that Abu Talib died the leadership, will no doubt go to Muhammad Al-ameen because of his excelled qualities. Out of envy, the Jewish refused to submit to Arabs; the Arabs refused to follow the Quraish; the Quraish failed to follow to Banu Hashim. A member of Banu Hashim, Abu Lahab,  refused to submit to his nephew . All this happened out of envy, which cannot change a favour of Allah towards His servant. And forcefully attacked the prophet to end the spread of  his message which force the companions of the prophet to migrate to Habasha with his command.

The Prophet and his followers were subjected to all sort of hardship including sanctions and waging wars against him like Handak and Uhud. In all the the wars, the Quraish lost thereby increasing thier agony and envy. Despite their losses, the Arabs did not relent, as even after the demise of the Prophet(SAWA), they did not spare his children. One can understand from what they did to Sayyidah Fatimah(A.S). They killed Ali(AS) and Hassan(AS).And finally, they achieved their mission in Karbala as they gathered 70,000 well armed soldiers just to fight hundred. They left their mission unhidden to all as they physically talked to Imam Husain(AS) that they came to take revenge of Badr and Hunayn where their grandparents were killed. He concluded

After his speech Sheikh Zakzaky also led the Isha’ain prayers and also recited the well known ‘Du’a’ut Tawassul’ and ‘Ziyarat of Imam Hussain’ was also conducted.