Day 1: Yaumul Eidhil ghadeer (Night Session) 1st October, 2015 / 18th Zulhajj, 1436AH

Ghadeer fiesta organized by the followers of Household of the Apostle of Allah continue After Maghribayn and Isha Prayers, here at Husainiyya  Baqiyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) shed light on how Sheikh bn  Dawoos  gave narration or report about Ghadeeril  Khumm, among others that brought Narration from 125 companions of Prophet Muhammad SAWA, which means the event of Ghadeer cannot be new invention (mutawatir).

He also explain all the merit of Ali AS and how some of his ranks where seized by some companions whom those not justify, His braveness, knowledge, total submission to the Apostle of Allah’s oders ware discussed in a wider context, He further explain the victory of battle of Khandaq where Ali AS confront Amr bn Abdulwood, Uhud and Humain in which  Aliyu bn Abu-Talib (As)  defeat the enemies of Islam.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) further explains the words used by the Apostle of Allah at ghadeer spot. Ziyarat Ameenullah (Aliyu bn Abu-Thalib,  Dua Khumail bn Ziyad and closing Prayer ware observed.