Day 1: Yaumul Eidhil-ghadeer (Evening Session) 1st October, 2015 / 18th Zulhajj, 1436AH

Today 01/10/2015 equivalent to 18 of Zulhajj 1436 Hijiriyya, Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria commemorate Eidil-Ghadeer at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria Kaduna, the event begins with Poems Strictly for the noble Prophet (SAWA) and His  successor Aliyu bn Abu-talib As, Drama  presentation which demonstrated how the Apostle f Allah appointed His successor, among the event is the message delivery (of Ghadeer) by the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and feast.

Sheikh Ibraheem  (H) begins with rejoicing with the followers of house hold of the Apostle of Allah and further explain the day of Ghadeer as greatest feast day of Allah Taala. It is also the feast of the holy Household Apostle of Allah (SAWA), in fact it is the most celebrated feast day. He added that all the prophets that Allah Taala Appointed used to celebrate this Day of Ghadeer and maintain its sanctity as well. This day is refered to as the day of the promised covenants and the day of exacted covenant and witnessed crowd in the heaven and earth respectively.

He also shed light on the act of worship that to be performed on this day, like Spiritual Bath, fasting on this day, two unit of prayer 30minutes before mid-day, Ziyarat  Ameerul Mumineena AS, dua Nudba among others. 

Ghadeer is equivalent to the day that Prophet Musa AS, Isa AS, and Prophet Muhammad SAWA appointed THEIR successors. It was also the day that the Apostle of Allah pair Brotherhood and appointed Ali As as His Brother and also the day that Prophet Ibraheem AS was rescued from the fire of Lamarood.

He further explain how the Apostle of Allah Taala taught the Ummah how to perform Hajj practically, (Hajjatul wadaa) that is the farewell Hajj.