Day 1 of Yaumu Zahra (AS): Fun fair was organized for children

By Idris Sulayman
On saturday 27th April 2013 marked day 1 of the annual Yaumu Zahra (as) ceremony, which is among the series of programmes of the islamic movement in Nigeria.
The fun fair was initiated last year, as a joint event under the control of sisters forum and Abul Fadl foundation.
As usual, the event commenced in the early morning outside the premises of Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zariya.
Attendee's enjoyed horse riding, football, architectural turtorial, and others.
The fun fair was at 1:30pm off for a short break, during the break session, prayers and launch were executed before continuation.
Children attended the event from various location of the country, at thesame time some were fortuned to won gifts.