Day 1: Maulud Of Shehu Abdullahi Fodiye. Night Session (Pictures)

Resourse Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria have organised a 3 day series of programs at Birnin Kebbi to commemorate the birth day of Shehu Abdullahi Fodiye, the program which began on friday 26th Jimada-Ula 1435 (28/3/2014) in the night at Gwandu. Shehu Abdullahi Fodiye who was born on 2nd Jimada-Ula 1180. Speaking at the event, Malam Qasim Umar Sokoto who was the guest speaker at the events cited numerous examples from the Qur'an and the narations from the holy prophet Muhammad(S) and his house hold to remind people of the purpose of their creation which is to serve Allah(T) alone. He describe Shehu Abdullahi Fodiye as a good role model that have alot to be copied from. He later closed the session with prayer.