A Country Where The Rights Of The Patriotic Citizens Are Deprived

—Mahadi Amiru Yawale

The tittle of my right up may surprise you asking yourself a question, how would the right of patriotic citizens be deprived? Yes, that is what is happening in my country. We were born in a country that the government of the county do not value the life of the patriotic citizens. A country that did not care about what will tarnish it's image. A country whose aim is to slaughter who ever wants to bring development to it.

Virtually, the patriotic citizens are the ones that supposed to be protected by the government but it is not like that. They were always killed, tortured, maimed, burnt alive etc. They are in minority but that does not prevent them from following the rules and order of the country as expected. What ever they will do positively the government would see it negatively. They have nothing to do that will impress the government. They often conduct voluntary work to repair damaged Colbert's, roads, graveyard etc that the government did not repair. The students of these patriotic citizens often volunteer to go to government schools and teach without paying them a Naira. Where ever you found these citizens you will heard them discussing about possible ways that will bring development to their country. But all these efforts is not considered neither by the government nor the other citizens.

In 2014, these patriotic citizens conduct a peaceful protest on the last Friday of ramadan in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. In this year(2014), the protest end peacefully in all the cities except in Zaria(center for the patriotic citizens) where the blood thirsty government of the country sent their boycotts under the leadership of Lt. Col. S.O Oku to attack the protest. The attack led to the death of 34 patriotic citizens including 3 biological sons of the citizens leader, Ayatullah Ibrahim ZakZaky(H). After this genocidal attack, all legal processes were followed in order to ensure justice is done but that go in vein. The protest is yearly organized by the citizens in more than twenty cities of the country for over thirty(30) years. After these, they tight up their belt in maltreating these minority citizens all over the country which continues to 2015.

2015 In jos plateau state, during Ashura period, the government paid some thugs and instructed them to attack some of the patriotic citizens in their way to the 'Ashura Majlis' where they stabbed them resulting to the death of one citizens and injured some. They continue planning how to attack other patriotic citizens that are in many parts of the country but Allah holds their hands. In this year(2015), the government of the country used their paid employed people that are called Boko-Haram to attack the citizens during their 40th day trek(#ArbaeenTrek) to Zaria in commemoration with Karbala tragedy where the third Shi'a Imam was killed by Umayyad regime. They plan to attack all the axis of the trek but they were enabled. They only attack the Kano axis where they explode bomb that led to the death of more than 20 patriotic citizens.

Also in December 2015, the perpetrators of 2014's crime conduct a massacre in the same city of Zaria Kaduna state which led to the killing of 1000+ Shiites(citizens of the country) and destruction of many assets belonging to the
Patriotic citizens including the biggest Husainiyya in the whole Africa. It is during this genocidal attack that the Nigerian Army mass graved 347 Shiites without the consent of their family. The religious methods provided by Allah before taking any death body to the grave were all denied by the thirsty blood government of the country. People were
burnt a lived to death, some tortured to death, some raped to death and some are currently in illegitimate detention including the leader of this ever patriotic citizens, Ayatullah Zakzaky.

In 2016, another subsequent attacks were carried out by the soldiers during the annual Ashura Procession which led to the Martyrdom of 15 citizens of the country, some with various degrees of injuries and some are currently in detention. Also during the annual #ArbaeenTrek the perpetrators of the above crimes under the leadership of the country's leader Buhari Adamu, plan another attack on the trekkers where they start from Kano axis. The trekkers(Kano axis) avoid all possible ways that might bring conflict but that did not serve as a peaceful method of avoiding shed blood. The blood thirsty government instructs its hunting dogs(Soldiers) to attack and kill the trekkers. They first start by teargassing the patriotic citizens in their religious duty and later open fire on them with live bullets. The attack result to the death of almost 100 unrecoverable patriotic citizens, many of them sustained various degrees of injuries and many detained illegally.

Nevertheless, the perpetrators of these crimes in collaboration with KASUPDA continue destruction of the citizens buildings which constitutionally wrong. Constitution As the country's rule of law gives every citizens the right to acquire property. In chapter 4, section 43 and subsection 1 of the 1999 amended constitution it is stated that, "Subject to the provision of this constitution, every citizen of the country shall have the right to acquire and own immovable property any where in the country".

The government aims is just to eliminate the patriotic citizens and leave the unpatriotic ones so that they will do what ever they like with the country. They relate their bad ambition with religious issues despite the fact that everyone is entitled to freedom of though, conscience and religion, including freedom to change religion or belief, and freedom to manifest and propagate his belief or religion in worship, teaching practice and observance as stated in the amended constitution of 1999, chapter 4, section 38 and subsection 1.

In conclusion, We called upon people of conscience and though where ever they are to support the oppressed and to opposed the oppressors as stated in every religion.

We re-eco our voices chanting and calling for the immediate release of our leader Ayatollah Zakzaky(H), his wife and other illegal detained patriotic citizens. We also want all our destroyed buildings and assets to be fully compensated.