Condolence Message From Christian Association of Nigerian Youths (CAN) and From ETSU of NUPE

Condolence Message From CAN Youths A message of condolence, in a letter to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky( H), was sent by the Christian Association of Nigeria, Youths wing. The letter, signed by the Chairman of Youth Wing Christian Associatioin of Nigeria (YOWICAN) North -East Zone, Evang Musa D. Misal, was written in Hausa language. The letter expressed its condolence message to the leader of the Movement over the killigs of 34 members of the Movement incuding 3 of his sons. 'Your excellency we send greetings and salutation to you with heart full of greif and at the same time condoling you over the what happened to your students among them your three sons. When the news of the incident reached me, I was very confused as from my view and my understanding in the teachings of Bible, this is just a cold blood murder committed against them. However, All praise be to Allah for the manner you handled the situation patiently and left the matter to Allah alone. With this, you displayed that you are the most patient type among rest of the scholars in Nigeria, and we pray to Almighty God to endow you more in patience. we pray to Almighty God to accept their matrtydom in accordance with Islamic teachings. We also pray that those who commited the attrocities turn in repentance to God. I pray to Allah to extend your life, bestow in you endurance in guiding the people.' Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you, ameen bissalam . Signed Musa D. Misal