“In very unfortunate contrast as Iran gets ready to celebrate its 37th
years of true independence, certain Islamic countries of the world are busy
trying to black mail her, trying to back pedal her, trying to show as if
she is not the only one that is standing the test of time as far as the
protection of socio- Islamic cultural and economic futures are concern in
the entitle of this world as we are standing on
- Dr Abdullahi Wase (A Security expert)
In memory of the revolutionary leader of the Islamic republic of Iran
organized by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIMN),
under the leadership of his eminence, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H), the Zone
A series of lectures was concluded with the lecure of Dr.Abdullai Wase on
the topic “The Islamic revolution in Iran and it’s trans-regional impacts”
. Professor Isa Hasan Mshelgaru, the chairperson of the gathering gave a
very resourceful introduction of the topic before introducing the guest
speaker. The Zone A includes participants from Abuja , Lagos ,Kogi , Kwara
, Niger , Nasarawa ,Ibadan , Portharcourt and Enugu.
Dr. Abdullahi Wase begins with the background of revolution all over the
world, defining what revolution is and the revolution of Imam Khomeini in
Iran. He discussed on the idea of ‘Wilayyatul Faqih’ that is, the leadership
of the religious Scholars and analyses it. In the process of his analysis,
he gave the historical background of Imam Khomeini and the challenges he
faced in his Da’awah .Dr wase brought out many similarities between the
revolution of Imam Khomeini and that of Shaikh Usman bn Fodio most
especially on the idea of Wilayyatul Faqih of Imam Khomeini (Q.S).
He further detailed the impact of the revolution in Iran to many countries across the globe. In his explanations, he gave a very strong remark by saying that without the Iranian nation, so many countries would have been under the capitalist oppression .He further categorized Iran as a peaceful state by saying Iran has never attack a single country since the 1979Islamic revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeni(Q.S) , despite military and economic sanctions , the revolution has succeeded in capturing the minds of many truthful individuals in so many countries. He further stated that the revolution has made Iran to be an independent country with positive developments in all aspects of life.