Closing of Business Forum's Seminar in Kano +Pictures

On Sunday 27th Jimada-thani, 1435 (27/4/2014) the seminar organized by the Business forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria closed at Royal Tropicana hotel in Kano. The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) is the guest speaker at the occasion where he advice the participants to take proper … of their source of income and try by all means to   prevent their wealth from Haram, acquiring wealth in a lawful way is also an act of worship to Allah is even better than other act of worship such as praying and fasting because it’s the first priority after accepting Islam, if someone will pray with the cloths he bough with the money he acquired in an unlawful way his prayer will not be considered valid. While acquiring wealth one needs to look for a way that will be helpful to the society not just a high profitable business.   

While speaking on the insecurity in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) says it was deliberately created to generate money, instead of them to look for ways that will help the needy and at the same time generate money for them which is the lawful and the better way they prefer acquiring their wealth by the means of disservice where they acquire it through creating things that will bring harm to the society.