A Christain accept Islam In the Ongoing Ashurah Mourning Gathering at Kano + pictures

On Tuesday 9th Muharram 1435 being the 8th day in the ongoing Ashurah Mourning Gathering in Kano, a christain accept Islam in the mourning ground and choose Hussain to be his new (Islamic) name.

Shaikh Qasim Muhammad, one of the students of the famous Sayyid Kamal Hydari from Qum Iran also witness the gathering, and deliver his speech in English Language, when enumirating the lessons of the tragedy of Ashurah, the Shaikh says sacrifice is a very important lesson we can learn from the struggle of Imam Husain (a.s) as we all know Imam Husain (a.s) sacrifice his companions, relations (including his kid) and finally sacrifice his self for Islam to progress.

After his speech Shaikh Muhammad Turi briefly gave the summary of his speech in Hausa Language. Below are some of the mourning pictures.