Children Came Out Mass Denouce Nigerian Government Attrocities against Shaikh Zakzaky and Islamic Movement

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad

Children in Kano, Nigeria from different schools, were not left out in coming out on the street denouncing the Nigerian government injustice against Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his followers today around 4pm, Thursday 7th January, 2016.

The protest march pass through some major streets in Kano metropolis that include Murtala Muhammad way, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Kofar Nasarawa and terminating in the old city Friday central mosque close to the tradition Kano city Emirs Palace.

The children carried different placards with pictures of some of the Nigerian military atrocities and their demand while chanting slogans denouncing the atrocities of the Nigerian Army on Shaikh Zakzaky (H), his Family and follwers that include sproradic killings, injuries from
gun shots, raping, destruction of properties etc.

The children call for the immediate and unconditional release of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), his wife and followers, some that are with injuries from gun shots and have not receive appropriate medical attension. So also the return the dead bodies of their parents, brothers, Sisters and relations that have been killed by the army for appropriate burial. More so compensation of the destroyed and stolen properties and justice on all culprits of the atrocities.

Husain Hamza at the end of the protest march made a brief speech stating why as children felt they shold publically make protest and extend their calls and demand as stated in the children protest slogans.

He also reiterated that the children will not hesitate to continue to protest once justice is not made.

Press TV, Wazobia FM radio, Almizan, pointer were the few media thatwere present during the children protest march.