By Sameer El-Hajj

Today 14TH of August marks the 56th birth anniversary of a mother who sacrificed six of her sons for the sake of Allah, a mother considered as the flag bearer of resistance not only in Nigeria, but in Africa.

We call her Ummah, an Arabic name for mother. She is a mother to us, who is always at the side of telling the truth wherever the need arises. People that know Umma must count on her when it comes to siding with the truth and as a staunch hater of oppression, subjugation, and exploitation.

Umma is a true follower of Sheikh Zakzaky. Her decision of joining the Islamic movement in Nigeria was strongly influenced by her passion towards living a religious lifestyle and the urge for the implementation of Islam as a way of life.

As a member of the Islamic movement, Umma battled many, and passed through uncountable obstacles. She doesn't only preach resistance in its theoretical form, rather a true replica of resistance in its practical form. She gave the African resistance a meaning, and defined it to the outside world.

Many minds were yet to understand the spiritual patience of a mother who received three bodies of her sons, and remain in a complete state of psychological stability.

Instead of her to start losing focus or deviate from the hard path, the 2014 Qods day massacre made her to improve and dedicates more time to the Islamic movement, preaching peace, sociability and orienting the general public towards understanding the aims and objectives of human existence on earth.

While celebrating this precious birthday of a mother; we won't forget the inhumane massacre of December 2015, in which all sorts of injustice, cowardice and maltreatment were executed on the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

As we celebrate our mother, it is pertinent to inform members of the public that, Malama Zenatuddeen Ibrahim was sporadically shot, and maltreated by men of the Nigerian Army, at her Gyallesu residence.

Before her eyes, she witnessed the cold blood murder of additional three of her sons. Her husband, the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky was mercilessly shot at her watch.

This is a birthday of the most oppressed mother in Africa. We are proud to be recognized as her children. We are proud to have a pious and religious mother like Malama Zeenatuddeen.

Happy birthday mother, May Allah destroy all persons behind your illegal incarceration. May the Almighty Allah destroy any person behind the disastrous Zaria massacre. May Allah increase you in faith and patience. Happy 56th birthday, mother.