Celebrating Eidl Ghadeer Amidst Tears!

By U. S. Adam

We have been celebrating this great historic event of Islam for a long time. But this year the celebration comes amidst mourning.

Eidl Ghadeer is a greatest Eid in Islam which is intentionally hidden to most of the Ummah. It is annually celebrated on 18th Dhul_Hajj since the well known 'Farewell Hajj' by the holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S) where he appointed Ali (AS) as his successor conforming to the divine command of Allah (T).

Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) have been commemorating this great feast annually at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria in a colourful and delightful ways, where brothers and sisters gather and listen to the poems from the poets and the full recitation of the farewell sermon and it's translation from the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), fun fair were also organised for children all to mark and celebrate the auspicious Ghadeer feast. All these have been conducted for some years and there are so many improvements and developments in the recent years.
As part of the celebration, brothers and sisters use to take an oath of promise between themselves that if one is opportune to enter paradise one will not enter unless his brother or sister were also granted to enter the paradise with him or her.

This year the Nigerian Army have ruin the celebration by arresting the leader of the movement and his wife, killing of his 3 biological sons, shooting him and his wife with numerous bullets which is still not given a proper medication and makes his health condition more worsening, killing of 1000+ members of the movement, destruction of the centre where the Eidl Ghadeer and other remarkable events were been carried out (Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria), detaining 200+ members of the movement illegally and abduction of 50+ sisters of the movement and hundreds of brothers.

I could remember some of the brothers we celebrated the event together at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria and took the oath of promise which most of them are either been killed or imprisoned illegally or kidnapped by the Nigerian Army in December 2015.

I will never forget the good memories and stories you gave me during the last year's Ghadeer fun fair, your smiling face, I can see us sitting under the tent and discussing different issues which I can never forget. Shaheed Sayyid Hammad Ibraheem they killed you innocently in front of your parents. How I wish I am with you my dear Leader.

I could remember my sister Fatima coming back to Zaria from Gusau to attend the event, while on her way we keep on communicating until she reached I also remember we took the oath with her, she was shot by the Nigerian Army at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria, she is no where to be found since then.

We were together with Shaheed Muhammad Rabi'u Shu'aibu also during the last year's celebration, we catch fun, rejoice and share happy moments with him and also take the oath as well.

Can you here me Nusaiba Yaquob? What of you Mu'azu? Muhammad Mustafa I have been missing you and your encouraging words, Ali Mu'azu and Muhammad Mu'azu, the great memories shared with you guys are unforgettable.

Muhammad Auwal Darazo, Zahraddeen (commander), Anas.... I can not mention all your names in this short piece, my heart still burns, tears falling from my eyes, I can not describe the pain I feel missing you, I really miss you all, you are such a wonderful friends everyone will like to spend his life together with.
I wish our friendship will continue even in the hereafter, please help me with your prayers so that I can reach you soon.

To the enemies and their masters, I repeat, killing of our brothers and sisters will never make us to live in fear, ney! you are making us feel more and even more strong! We neither regret nor surrender! We never forget! And we never forgive! Revenge is always constant! You will never make us to do it now! But surely the pains you implicts on us will never be healed and we will put more of that to you soon by His grace.