The Camping of Military in Zamfara: Fight against cattle plunderers or illegal occupation?

By Saifullahi M. Kabir

People with conscience were suprised to see the president of Nigeria Muhammad Buhari in full military Khaki on Wednesday 13/07/2016 where he led a special military troops said to fight against cattle plunderers in Zamfara state, Northwestern part of Nigeria.

This uniform worn by Mr. Buhari comes 7 months after Niger Delta militants busied themselves on petroleum pipes vandalization and attack on the military and some civilians as well. In addition to this, on 7th of this month, a short video clip  of about 8:55 minutes was released of one Ogenoghochukwu who was said to be the leader of the militants, in it he threatened to kill the president, his family and ruin the country at large.

Among what Ogenogwochuku said in the video clip include; "Recently, Mr. Buhari and his family most specifically his daughter Zahara Buhari will be wiped out, and also free the leader of the Biafrans struggle Mr. Namadi Kanu with immediate effect, retreat all military from our area or else we start killing them. We will attack all Igbo governors that are supporting Buhari." He added; "We will fire a missile to Aso rock, and we will reduce Nigeria to ashes, and all Hausa and Fulani people residing in Biafra land will find nowhere to live, and there is no terminus to our attacks whenever we start!"

In spite of all these threat imposed by the militants, to the extent that they warned to kill the president if he dare go to their area, and he quickly cancelled the trip, unfortunately for him and his military as they fail to bring these militants to order in their attempt to ruin the nation. And to people's utmost surprise the president and his military are now turning to Zamfara state in the northern part of Nigeria which is centrally dominated by Muslims mostly Hausa-Fulani.

Since the previous month, people of Zamfara have been seeing the arrival of militarily officials in flashy cars to their area. On Thursday and Friday 7th-8th July evidences have proved that a train with 12 compartments full of armed military arrived at the zone. Before that, on Wednesday 6/7/2016 another eye witness proved that, he saw a faulty military truck full of dangerous weapons just beside Zaria railway on its way to Zamfara, also some 15 more trucks all full of dangerous weapons including cannons and its kind were seen at the same place on the same day. Another sets were seen at the same spot the next day, and they finally set to Zamfara. And we got a news that Nigerian government is planning to establish a military battalion in Zamfara this month (July) for according to them the area has no recognized military barrack. And it was said that Mr. Buhari will attend the inauguration of another battalion said to fight against cattle plunderers.

Another report declared that, more than 3,000 military were chosen alongside 5 helicopters, 50 armored tanks, and some dangerous weapons are already in Dansadau town, all as part of the military's opeartion that will last for 6 months named "OFF CRIME AND FREE INSURGENCY"

All of a sudden! On Wednesday 13/7/2016 Mr. Buhari attended the state in full military Khaki, under the sham of inauguration. Though, eye witnesses and reports proved that among those to carry out the operation include white men, and not only Nigerians.

Why Zamfara? Why not the Maniac Buhari and his military attend Niger Delta militants who are threats to the country's security, why not start the operation from them? Are the cattle plunderers really in existence? Where do they get the weapons that they scared the zone with? Why did Mr. Buhari not attend Borno to do the same against Boko Haram insurgents, why Zamfara? What is the actual reason behind occupying this zone?

Analysts have already declared this as a hidden agenda of the western imperialists to derange the peace and tranquility of Zamfara zone and its neighbouring states, which were confirmed have petroleum and abundant natural resources. So that they will get chance and evacuate them all.

Since 2014, the revered leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) declared the evil plan America has of scrambling Africa again, he said; "They know that Africa possess two-third of the world resources, in view of this they wish to scramble Africa for the second time. And America had declared to scramble Africa by imposing terrorism on them. That is why all this is happening in Nigeria."

Sheikh Zakzaky added that, "The whole of Zamfara is earthed by Gold, and they want to wipe out the area to have no people in it, so they will build military cantonment and airport through which they can take the gold to their country." He added that; "Here between Zaria and Birnin Gwari is equally earthed by Gold and other prestigious minerals, they also want to wipe out people and build airport. From Sokoto all the way to Borno is earthed by Gold, Uranium and Platinum, they come to evacuate all these and they use the pretext of terrorism."

The leader further said that; "They have declared it earlier that, what they only fear and consider as a threat against their evil plan to scramble Zamfara area and its neighborhood is this Islamic Movement, they are the only ones to stop them".

People with conscience have been asking, is this not what the Sheikh (H) said two years ago that is going to happen? Is now left for people, to think deeply, the hidden plan was already uncovered before it happens, and is on its way to happen, are we going to keep watching eyes while this evil plan finally come to success?