Since 2014, the revered leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) declared the evil plan America has of scrambling Africa again, he said; "They know that Africa possess two-third of the world resources, in view of this they wish to scramble Africa for the second time. And America had declared to scramble Africa by imposing terrorism on them. That is why all this is happening in Nigeria."

Shaikh Zakzaky added that, "The whole of *ZAMFARA* is earthed by Gold, and they want to wipe out the area to have no people in it, so they will build military cantonment and airport through which they can take the gold to their country. Here between Zaria and Birnin Gwari is equally earthed by Gold and other prestigious minerals, they also want to wipe out people and build airport. From Sokoto all the way to Borno is earthed by Gold, Uranium and Platinum, they come to evacuate all these and they use the pretext of terrorism."

The leader further said that; "They have declared it earlier that, what they only fear and consider as a threat against their evil plan to scramble Zamfara area and its neighborhood is this Islamic Movement, they are the only ones to stop them".