A call for the Sake of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

By Dany Mabsout

Where has Sheikh Ibrahim al Zakzaky disappeared? And how can someone of the caliber of Sheikh al Zakzaky with so many followers disappear ? Even for me who have never met the venerable Sheikh , i cannot believe what happened until now . When Sheikh al Zakzaky came to Beirut in July , to attend the meetings of the Scholars for the Resistance , i headed to his hotel to greet him but was not successful in meeting him. I was told that he comes back late at night after finishing his meetings within the conference that was held in Beirut in support of the Resistance . i was under the impression that Sheikh al Zakzaky wanted to use every minute of his time to have things done .

Even though i failed in meeting him, i felt very much close the presence of Sheikh al Zakzaky, especially after i followed the program on al Manar TV that hosted him . It is then that i understood why Sheikh al Zakzaky had so many supporters and followers, and i felt admiration for his eminence . Sheikh al Zakzaky speech was direct and sincere . He stated facts the way they were without adding anything , just the plane truth . I was somehow fascinated and so was the journalist who hosted him on al Manar . In few minutes i learned so much about Nigeria and Boko Haram, just from the answers that Sheikh al Zakzaki gave . He gave in a nutshell a whole picture of the situation.

After the Zaria massacres- this December- that left all breathless , i had hoped that soon the fate of the venerable Sheikh would be revealed, and that people would get to know what has happened to him and that it was a matter of days . But this has not happened yet . and i was wrong in my expectations.

Nigeria must be strange country , and seems to be totally exposed, and losing control over its territory and under the mercy of its enemies . Infiltration must be very deep and the country seems to be disintegrating with the enemy having direct access to the army and probably to many other institutions within the country . This is most frightening because the disappearance of al Zakzaky cannot be explained , and the incapacity of his followers to see him or learn something about him raises many questions, and the capacity of the government to get away with this crime is most strange .

We wish the best for the venerable struggling Sheikh who has lost all his sons and many of his followers . We are not afraid that the faith of Sheikh al Zakzaky be shaken but we worry about his fate and the fate of the country where all this is happening.