Zaria massacre was indeed a grand annihilation agenda targeted against members of Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky. It came out clearly as a Wahabi aided attempt to completely wipe out shias and by extension the love of Ahlul bayt (prophet's family) from Nigerian soil. But the plan failed woefully now and will fail again in the future to come. On the 12th, 13th and 14th December 2016, the world witnessed a barbaric act so these days remained sad days to all people of conscience! particularly IMN members. On these days occurred the most heinous killing orchestrated by the state owned armies against defenseless IMN civilians. In the sad event, many wives had lost their husbands, parents lost their talented children, likewise kids lost theirs supporting parents and become vulnerable orphans as well as slaves of the present horrific economic conditions created by APC government. Both kids, women, aged and vibrant youth were killed in their hundred, butchered/mutilated beyond easy recognition and and mutilated , then burnt alive before being dumped in a secret mass grave during a dark night! What baffles many people is that, all these calculated and coordinated attacks and atrocities were carried out by the state machinery under the watch of president Buhari who has taken an oath to protect the lives of all Nigerian citizens irrespective of their creeds and who claimed to belong to everybody!. Despite several aggressions against them, Nigerian shias or IMN members proved civilized and peaceful as evidenced by the ways and manners they handled their cases through organising peaceful protest, media talks, press statements and other forms of campaign to demand for justice. They equally followed national and international legal courses in seeking for a redress. These steps led them to victory when recently, a senior judge in the Nigerian high court declared that Sheikh Elzakzaky's fundamental right and that of his wife Malama Zeenat have been grossly violated and thus ordered for their unconditional release within some stipulated day's. By the way, we do not know if government under PMB's is ready and making preparation to respect the order given by its own competent court before the expiration of the stipulated days. But all we know is that today is one year since this grave crime have been committed, perpetrators and killers still walk freely in a broad day and even continue to enjoy remuneration from the government coupon. Again, till date, the president intentionally refused to condemn the savage act, failed to prosecute the criminals involved, failed to sympathize or commiserate with the families of the victims, failed to obey count order to release IMN leader whose children were also targeted and killed, both the leader of IMN and wife fatally wounded and kept under illegal detention without access to the desired medical care. Yet, in his new year message and when he could not celebrate any of his real achievement, Mr President has made a malicious call to the same victims (shias) who are still subjected to untold hardship and unwarranted agonies and whose all constitutional rights have been usurped by the same PMB-lead govt. He outrageously call the victims and not the aggressors to embrace peace and respect laws of the country they live in even as he refused to mention what offence made him to labelled them as un-peaceful!! What a great shame for his lack of focus, hypocrisy, injustice and discrimination against these law abiding citizens whose peaceful nature has been acknowledged worldwide? Mr president, many expected you to prove your "innocence and lack of culpability" in this genocide first of all by obeying court order to free Sheikh elzakzaky. The world also anticipate that you allow full scale independent investigation on the killing of 1000 Shia citizens and their secret burial headed by one of your right handed governor elrufai, prosecute and punish all soldiers and other criminals involved in carrying out this savagery, apologize publicly for your long silence and body languages that to some extend characterized your endorsement of the incidence. You need to also take another brave step to console the families of victims with atleast a word of condolenc, pay compensation of lives and properties destroyed and finally resign your presidential seat for intentional failure to uphold by the oath of your office and for failure to protect your " shia brothers and sisters" who are equally citizens under your shepherd. Perhaps doing so will save Nigeria out of its economic woes and hardships which might not be unconnected to the spilling of innocent blood. It is only then, people of right thinking minds will see reason to accept and understand you as the true democrat you want them to believe and NOT the same military dictator who comes only as sheep in wolf clothing.