Break your heart until it opens.

A mother is holding her 3 month old baby above the water as she kicks her legs as hard as she can to stay afloat. Gasping for air, she is running out of energy as well as breath. Her hands begin to fall the weaker she grows until the frozen baby’s body touches the water, which urges the mother to kick more violently and raise her arms higher to save her child. Soon, she will have exhausted herself, and with no one to aid her in the middle of the ocean, this Syrian refugee, who felt that taking the risk on these waters was safer for her and her child than to remain in her homeland, will drown. Her baby, innocent and unperceiving of this devastating world it was born into, will also drown. The world will not know their names. They will be known as the mother and baby who drowned at sea as they tried to seek refuge in a country where they were not welcomed. A fate shared all too well by the Rohingya Muslims who were pushed out at sea, refused entry into surrounding countries. Thailand will not take them, neither will Malaysia. No, they belong to the sea. And in the sea they will drown.