By Sameer El-Hajj

I wish to rejoice with the muslim Ummah all over the world on the auspicious birthday of a hero, the symbol of faith, and a role model worth emulating, Sayyid Abul Fadl Abbas (AS) bn Ali bn Abi-dalib.
Abul Fadl foundation is a brand name or to make it more precise a forum operating under the umbrella of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. The foundation got its name from the famous hero of Karbala, the brother who sacrifices his life for his brother for the establishment of faith and maintenance of resistance for the sake of Allah.
The first birthday anniversary of Abul Fadl marked by the Abul Fadl foundation was blessed with a lecture by the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) in which he disclosed the rationale behind establishing a forum of such kind.
In his speech, Shaheed Ahmad Zakzaky (Leader of the foundation) made mentioned that the idea of the foundation came as a matter of necessity. Abul Fadl Abbas was said to be the ‘back-bone’ of Imam Hussain at Karbala, Imam Hussain would not have been martyred if Abul Fadl Abbas was not martyred by the enemies of Islam.
The philosophy here is that, central to the activities of Abul Fadl foundation is securing and protecting the life of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky (H). Despite the fact that the foundation also engage in several other services to humanity, programmes for sociability and educating brothers and sisters of the movement. Also one of the objectives of the foundation is to revive the spirit of resistance and Islamic struggle among the youths of the movement.
I could remember, one of the reasons why Shaheed Ahmad started the Abul Fadl move was to emancipate youths of the Islamic movement from acts that are contrary to religious teachings and aims of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. Shaheed Ahmad was quite disturbed by the poor participation of youths in the movements’ activities, and they are not contributing towards the development of the movement.
That was why he established an arena, where the heart and the mind will be revived and do the right thing. Shaheed Ahmad Zakzaky was one of the genius people I ever met in life, he is a planner, a transformer and at the same time an activist, whose reputation will continue to linger in the hearts of believers till the day of judgement.
I will never forget the first day I met him; he was waiting for my arrival. In the residence of his eminence (H), I was taken to a room, for just a few moments, Shaheed Ahmad came in. His smiling face made me to feel at home, we greeted and shook hands. He served me with cool chilling water. That was when we discussed for quite a long time.
May Allah bless Shaheed Ahmad Zakzaky for this remarkable job well done, he transformed the minds of our youths, from a fictitious and unrealistic world to a realistic one, where the sole priority is to live a life as dictated by Allah and practiced by the Prophet (S) and his household (AS).
At the time I stood in front of the body of my mentor, Shaheed Ahmad, I touched his head with no words to outer. He was rest in peace as a martyr by the Nigerian army during a peaceful annual Quds day procession in Zaria, on 25th July 2014.
On this birthday of Abul Fadl Abbas, we are 100% satisfied that the only way is the path followed by Sayyid Abul Fadl Abbas (AS), the path followed by Shaheed Ahmad and his five brothers. The path followed by our martyrs of the Abul Fadl foundation, the youths that sacrificed all they possessed in securing the life of the leader of the Islamic movement. The path followed by our confined brothers, though the path is not easy to follow, but it is the only way out.
I also use to remember, how Shaheed Ahmad was so intimate to his sister, the Zainabul Kubra of our time, Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky. May Allah bless her and raise her position here and hereafter. She was oppressed and seen oppression in this world. May Allah reward you for the ‘Sabr’ patient, and He (T) continues to be with you in all your affairs.
As I am concluding this piece, I am fighting with tears of sorrow and grief, tears of a person who lost almost everything in the world. I only live with one remaining hope in this life, that the holy sacrifice made by Shaheed Ahmad and his five brothers including Abul Fadl martyrs will never go in vain. I commiserate with the remaining living legends of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, and also pray for the immediate freedom of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and our mother Malama Zeenatuddeen. May Allah accept our deeds and make our final breath to be martyrdom.

Sameer Elhaj