Ayatullah Qasim Speaks On The Love of Imam Husain(AS) At The 4th Day Of Imam Hussain Mourning In Kaduna

Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammad attended the 4th Ashura Morning gathering in Kaduna on Friday the 5th of Muharram 1435AH. After a short introduction by Malam Mukhtar Sahabi, Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammad started by expressing gratitude to Allah(T)
for the opportunity granted to him to attend Mourning gathering in Kaduna. The Ayatullah was in Nigeria couple of days ago and attended the Ashura Mourning gathering in Zaria the previous days.
He spoke on three main Important points regarding the Love for Imam Husain as follows:
1. Speaking with tongue.
2. Ikhlas
3. Ijtihadi

Speaking on Utterances, the Ayatullah stated that loving Imam Husain is not restricted to utterance without imitating the actions and teachings of the holy Imam.
Loving Imam Husain needs all forms of movement and reactions going by the way I met you now here gathered mourning for what happened to Imam Husain (AS).

On the Ikhlas (sincerity) , Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammadi said, " loving Imam Husain (AS), as other actions of a believer, requires purity and sincerity of intention.

He said, if a person wants to be a follower of Imam Husain (AS), he must be honest. He must be sincere.
Recounting the story of a man during the time of Imam Husain, Ayatullah Muhammadi said the man was among the Banu Umayyah, so he hate Imam Husaini (AS).
When Imam Husaini realized, he took him to his house. He stayed their for 3 days. On the third day, he stared at Imam Husaini and confidently said, "the most beloved to me in this World is you and your father".
This was as a result of sincerity seen with Imam Husain. Said the Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammadi.

When speaking on Ijtihad, Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammadi said, Ijtihad is to struggle in the way of Allah for the sake of Allah. He also reccounted a story of a man from Quet, who went to Madina and saw people mourning for Imam Husaini (AS). He asked, upon answering, he was convinced with the reasons of the mourning. After some few days, he became Shi'a of Husain(AS).
Five years later, he purchased a plot of land, far away from his house. He was disturbed as to why he bought a land inside a bush.
But all his response was , "the land is for Imam Husain (AS)" ,
The Ayatullah further said, what a surprise ! Today the land became the biggest centre for the mourning of Imam Husain in the city of Kuwait. He accounted this story as an example for the struggle in the way of Allah.

Ayatullah Muhammad Qasim Muhammadi spent 15 years in the Hauza ilmiyyah of Qum Iran. And he is now been awarded with a Ayatullah title for the Islamic knowledge.