Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: Period of Wahhabism is over

A religious scholar of Qom, while explaining that the period of Wahhabism is over, said that now the effects of Wahhabism have come to a big show and ISIS is a clear effect of this ideology. This terrorist cult is rise of the same pedigree.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi stated in the beginning of his lecture in Azam mosque at Qom that we should try to live a simple life, so that we can always be on the path of Islamic lifestyle.
He while pointing towards the role of Wahhabi clerics, reminded the people that initially we struggled against Takfirism and we had also organized a conference in this regard but after some time a cleric from Saudi Arabia gave an edict and declared Yemeni Muslims as atheists and many other religious clerics have also issued verdicts against Yemeni Muslims.
While pointing towards contradictions in the words and actions of Saudi clerics, he said that we see inconsistency in their actions and there is no importance of these issues and their dignity will greatly reduce by these actions.
He added that we see the terrorists of ISIS are writing new history of oppression and they have destroyed Islamic archeology and graves of pious people, and there is no example of such massacre in the history.
He, while emphasizing upon the requirement of unity, said that takfirism is not the doctrine of Muslims and this is against Islamic teachings and he shared hope that that his advice will reach the concerned people.