The Awaited Saviour

The Mahdi (AF ) is a symbol of an aspiration which all mankind acknowledges, everyone regardless of their faith or belief in the Final Day; a day when justice and equity will overcome injustice and oppression and peace and tranquility will prevail. This belief is not just source of consolation, it is also a source of virtue and strength, a fountain of hope for every persecuted individual and for every oppressed nation. Although the concept of the Mahdi is older than Islam and more widespread than the Muslim community, Islam has a concrete shape to an abstract idea. We need no longer wait for the Mahdi, he is a specific entity living among us. He shares our hopes and disappointments, our joys and sorrows. He witnesses all the acts of oppression and injustice and he is affected by them. He is anxiously awaiting the moment when he will be able to extend his helping hand to everyone who has been wronged. The awaited saviour will appear the moment the stage for his appearance is set, neither earlier nor later.